Why are my Safeguarding Alerts and Notifications going to SPAM?

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How to stop Safeguarding's instant alerts and notifications going to your email's SPAM folder.


You've set up Safeguarding to send email alerts and notifications to nominated Safeguarding officers in your organization, but they're all going to their recipient's SPAM folder so are being missed.

Due to the nature of the emails, they can appear very similar to SPAM emails — containing words and URLs that can raise concerns, such as pornography-related words and sites.


To avoid the Safeguarding emails being rejected as SPAM, you should configure rules in your email server to add the alert and notification sender address to the "safe list". The sender address is site specific. You configure this in the Smoothwall administration user interface, Reports > Settings > Output settings page — see https://help.smoothwall.net/Latest/Content/modules/monitor/cgi-bin/admin/outputsettings.htm

Depending on your email server, the following articles may provide further insight:

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