Why am I getting blank URLs in my Safeguarding reports?

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KB-115 Safeguarding All


Ad blockers are interfering with the Full traffic view — there are some URLs that are hidden from view, that is, you can see the category they belong to, but not the actual URL:


You've run the Full traffic for <user> report for Safeguarding with web furniture showing (go to our help article Investigating a Breach Entry), and have noticed that some URLs are not displaying but their category is shown.

This has been tracked down to some in-browser ad blockers, such as AdBlock and uBlock Origin, adding additional styling to those "advert-type" URLs that the Smoothwall has marked as web furniture, such as, doubleclick.net and awin.com.


You can either:

  • Change the Full traffic for <user> view to hide web furniture — go to our help article Show / Hide Web Furniture
  • Disable your ad blocker when accessing the Smoothwall administration user interface
    • This is recommended as the ad blocker may interfere with other Smoothwall reports

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26th April 2017 Samantha Nair