How do I check which users have visited a specific YouTube video?

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These instructions setup a report that can show which users have seen a specific YouTube video.


How do I check which users have visited a specific YouTube video


Browse to the YouTube video and make a note of the URL.

Create a custom report with the following:

  • From Available sections, expand Guardian3, and select User activity
  • From the Advanced sections of User activity, select the following from URL Filtering:
    • Allow domain pattern matching — Recommended you select this option to cater for those sites that can be accessed with or without www., or those with sub-domains.
    • Allow parameter pattern matching — The parameter of a URL follows the ?. For example,
  • Add the following regular expression to URL (back at the top, near the Advanced button):
    • ^(.*\.)\?v=<video_code>.*

where video_code is the 11-digit code at the end of the URL, for example,

You can adapt the above regular expression to search similar websites, for example, to search for users who have visited a particular Twitter feed (^(.*\.)<twitter_feed>.*).


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30 August 2016