How do I use the Time range picker in Custom reports?

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Some Guardian3 custom reporting sections have a Time range picker to specify exact time ranges to filter the report by.


The following Guardian3 custom reporting sections have the Time range picker:

  • Browsing times
  • Domain session analysis
  • Individual user
  • Search terms
  • Suspicious search terms
  • Category activity
  • Group activity
  • IP activity
  • Domain activity
  • URL activity
  • User activity
  • Web trends


  1. Create a custom report as detailed in
  2. Select one of the reporting sections detailed above to be Included in the report.
  3. From the new section that appears at the bottom of the page, click the Options tab.
  4. Click Advanced.
  5. Scroll down to the Time panel.

The numbers on the top represent the hours of the day, starting at midnight, with the days of the week on the left.

Each blue rectangle represents 15 minutes.

  1. Highlight the required time ranges.

Highlighting horizontally selects the time range; highlighting vertically selects the day range.

You can also select non-sequential time blocks for the same report; for example, 9am to 10am on Monday and 4pm to 5pm on Friday.

  1. If required, you can "fine-tune" the selected time ranges. You do this by clicking Edit in full-text mode.

Using the image above, we are report data in hour intervals. This will include all website hits timestamped 10:00, 13:00, and 17:00. If we only wanted data from one hour, we don't want to include data from those times. Using Edit in full-text mode, we can change time range:

  1. Click Edit in chart mode to return to the previous screen. Any time blocks manually edited in text-mode are now highlighted in dark blue:

  1. To remove all highlighted blocks, click Clear.

To remove a single block, click the relevant block or blocks.

  1. Add other relevant sections, options, and filters to the report.
  2. Scroll back to the top of the page and click Create report.

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