The Realtime traffic graph Top 10 Outgoing shows unsorted data, rather than in ascending order. Why is this?

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The Realtime traffic Top 10 graphs don’t seem to correlate for incoming and outgoing traffic views, which can cause confusion. This article offers a brief explanation why this is.


The Top 10 Incoming traffic report in Reports > Reports > Realtime > Traffic graphs is sorted with the highest consumption at the top, then down in ascending order. The outgoing traffic report is not, why is this?


The reason these two reports appear differently is that the Traffic graph shows the bridge interface as a single interface, but it is actually two interfaces.

The Traffic graph page shows the data from both interfaces as one (For example, ethC is Incoming data interface and ethD Outgoing data interface), but the numbers show both ethC and ethD data as if they are a single interface. So the Incoming Top 10 will be the number on the Left and Outgoing number on the right.


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06 July 2017 Suzanne Knight