How do I report utilization on an interface?

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A guide to creating a custom report for reporting utilization on an interface.


How do I report utilization on an interface?


To report on network activity through a Smoothwall navigate to reports > reports > custom

On the custom reports page, in the top section Customize reports, give the report a name.

In the section labelled Sections, expand the folder labelled UTM xxxx Series" / "SWG xxxx Series / Software xxxx. (You'll have to replace xxxx with the appliance number or type.)

There are three sections you'll want to include:

 - Individual network interface
 - Interface and Host Bandwidth Usage
 - Network interfaces

Click on these sections and then, press the add button to include them in the report.

When the page refreshes, you have the option to adjust specific sections by scrolling down. Otherwise, press the create report button at the top of the page to create the report. You can then run the report as required.


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