How can I limit the size of the reporting data kept on my Smoothwall?

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A guide to ways to limit the size of the reporting datastore.


My Smoothwall is generating a large amount of log data per day. What can I do to decrease the amount of disk being used?


The best way to compress the data store is to lower the length of time data is kept for, this can be changes in the reports > settings > datastore settings page.

If decreasing the amount of time logs are stored for is not a viable option, then you need to potentially look at limiting what you log.

From the web proxy > web proxy > settings page, open advanced options. Scroll down to the logging options. Here you can choose any options for data you want to disable or do not log.

A final option is to specifically not log adverts (as per the web proxy advanced settings page). Under the Guardian > Policy Objects > Categories page, open the Smoothwall built in categories folder and edit the Adverts category. Add to this category the domains you want to classify as adverts. They will subsequently, not be logged.


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