Where are my port groups?

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Inverness onwards


Using service objects instead of port groups from Inverness onwards.


Before upgrading to the Inverness Castle release, I used to create named groups of TCP and UDP ports in Network > Settings > Port groups for use in my firewall rules. Now that page has disappeared.


The Inverness Castle release included the firewall consolidation feature, where disparate firewall-related pages where amalgamated to improve user experience.

Port groups are now Service objects, found under Network > Settings > Service object manager. You can still create named groups of TCP and UDP ports, but you can now combine existing service objects into a service object group.

Smoothwall's upgraded to Inverness will have their port groups migrated to service objects with following exceptions:

Port groups that are not referenced by an existing migrated firewall rule are not migrated across
Port groups that use the same name as an existing service object or service object groups are suffixed with a bracketed number

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