I have set up a tunnel but am unable to send traffic down it; why is this?

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Troubleshooting inoperable tunnels using zone bridging.


I have set up and connected my tunnels and they all show to be open, but I cannot send traffic down the tunnel.


This issue may be caused by zone bridging rules not being set up between the originating interface and the IPSEC or L2TP Interface.

If your Smoothwall is running the Inverness release or later, you create zone bridging rules in the Firewall page (Network > Firewall > Firewall rules). Our knowledge base article, How do I create a Zone Bridging Rule in the New Firewall?, provides a detailed description.

If your Smoothwall is running the Hearst release or earlier, this section can be found in Network > Filtering > Zone bridging. For more information, see https://help.smoothwall.net/Hearst/Content/modules/zone/cgi-bin/admin/bridging.htm.


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27th March 2017