The VPN Client disconnects after 1 hour, why is this?

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Using the VPN in TCP connection mode can lead to a loss of connection in modes such as hibernation. This article explains how to prevent this if this is not desired behaviour.


I have installed the Smoothwall VPN client, but after an hour the users loose connection and have to enter their login details again. Why is this?


This problem can be caused by using TCP as your connection method. This means if the client station hibernates, goes into standby or screensaver mode, or the adapters go into a low power mode, the loss of packets on TCP can cause a drop in the connection.

Switch the connection method to UDP and this will resolve the issue of dropped packets.

Navigate to Network > VPN > Global > SSL VPN settings and switch Transport protocol from TCP (HTTPS) to UDP (1191)

The users should now enter their credentials in the morning and stay connected until they choose to disconnect.


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07 June 2017 Suzie Knight Chris Richardson