How to use OpenVPN on a MAC

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How to connect using OpenVPN on a Mac


SSL VPN Configuration for Apple Mac OS X

Tested with:

  • Tiger
  • OS X 10.4
  • iBook PowerPC G4
  • Tunnelblick 3.0b6.dmg


Smoothwall -SSL-OpenVPN-client.exe will not run, nor is it needed for Mac devices.

  1. From the Smoothwall administrative user interface, go to Network > VPN > Global.
  2. Generate a client archive.
  3. Copy this archive to your Apple Mac and extract the following files:
    • connection.ovpn
    • servercert.pem
    • cacert.pem
    • ta.key (if in the archive)
  4. From the device, download tunnelblick from, taking care to note any bug fixes in later versions.
  5. Double click on the 'connection.ovpn' to start the VPN tunnel.


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