Why can't I see my Smoothwall alerts in my SMTP server?

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How to configure your Smoothwall so that monitor alerts and Safeguarding notifications go through your Microsoft® Office 365® or Google Apps for Education™ SMTP server.


You have configured your Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps for Education SMTP server details in the Smoothwall (under Reports > Settings > Output settings) but your email alerts and notifications are not coming through; nor can you generate a test email.

Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Education email servers use the TLS protocol. At the time of writing, the SMTP server configuration in the Smoothwall does not support this protocol. You will need to force the Smoothwall to be its own SMTP server.


Note: The changes made to your Smoothwall are isolated from your working email servers, and do not affect their day-to-day operations.

To receive alerts and notifications over SMTP, do the following:

  1. Go to System > Maintenance > Modules.
    1. Install the Anti-Spam module.
    2. Reboot the Smoothwall.

Note: Unless you are licensed for the full-use of Anti-Spam, all other features of Anti-Spam are unavailable to you.

  1. Go to Email > SMTP > Relay.
    1. From the SMTP relay section, select Enable mail relay.
    2. Click Save and restart.
  2. Go to Reports > Settings > Output settings.
    1. From the SMTP (Email) Output System section, configure the following:

    SMTP server — Enter

    Using the localhost address forces the SMTP Output System to use the SMTP relay from the Anti-Spam module.

    Sender's email address — Enter donotreply@<Smoothwall_hostname>.com

    where Smoothwall_hostname is the configured hostname of your Smoothwall.

    Tip: It is recommended you add this email address to your email server's "safe list" so alerts and notifications are not caught by your spam filters.

    1. Leave all other configuration in this section blank.
    2. Click Save.
    3. You can test this by entering your email address in Send test to and clicking Send test.

    You will receive an email from Monitor, using the email address entered above, with the subject line of Monitor Alert for <Smoothwall_hostname>.

  3. Go to Reports > Settings > Groups.
    • Add email groups and users who will receive the alerts and notifications. Note that here you must use the correct address and domain.
  4. Go to the Reports > Alerts pages, or Reports > Safeguarding > Notifications.
    • Configure the appropriate alerts and notifications.

Tip: If you are not using Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps for Education email servers, but are experiencing the problem of not receiving alerts and notifications, check the email address entered for Sender's email address. If the sender's email address is in a different domain to the configured SMTP server, it may be blocked or rejected.


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