How do I set and manage the Smoothwall system time settings?

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How to set and manage the Smoothwall time settings


I do not know how to adjust the system time settings on my Smoothwall.

You would like to synchronize system time settings on your Smoothwall with your internal domain servers and are unsure where to set this.


Setting time on a Smoothwall should be done in three steps:

  1. Set the hardware clock in the BIOS to GMT time.
  2. Go to System > Preferences > Time on the web interface.
  3. Set Timezone to the local time zone.
  4. For Network time servers choose the option that fits your network.
    In general, if you want the Smoothwall to stay synchronized with your internal network, use an internal time server, like an Active Directory server, in the User defined single public or local server field.
  5. Set the Time to your local time.
  6. Click Save. Remember to check the set option before saving the time.

Note: Do not enable any of the Network time service interfaces if you want the Smoothwall to synchronize with an internal server. Enabling these changes the Smoothwall to be a time server which will make the Smoothwall update time from a predefined list of external sources.

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