Why is the time on the Smoothwall incorrect after reboot?

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Correcting an incorrect time on the Smoothwall after a system reboot.


After a reboot of the Smoothwall , the time is always incorrect. What can be done to change that?

This usually happens when the system time has been manually set in the BIOS during British Summer Time (BST). The Smoothwall automatically already adjusts for BST, and so in this instance will also add an additional hour, leading to the incorrect time to show on the system.


During the next reboot, set the BIOS clock to the correct non-summertime time, then the issue should disappear. As a general rule, set the Smoothwall BIOS time to the GMT time. The Smoothwall automatically regulates the clock based on timezone settings configured in the administration user interface page System > Preferences > Time — see https://help.smoothwall.net/Latest/Content/cgi-bin/admin/time.htm?Highlight=set%20the%20time.

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