Why can’t I see the Hearst Release in Updates & Releases?

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Hearst can only be installed on systems running more than 4GB RAM.

How to register the amount of RAM in your Smoothwall appliance with the Smoothwall servers.


The minimum RAM required as of Hearst has been increased to 4GB. If at original installation, you had less than 4GB but have since increased the amount of memory in your hardware, you will need to re-register the Smoothwall for the update to show as available.


Connect to the Smoothwall via an SSH console. You can download a commonly used client for Windows from here. For Apple MACs, use Terminal.

Connect to the Smoothwall’s IP address or hostname on port 222, then run the following command:

vim /settings/main/ownership

Delete the two lines highlighted by pressing INSERT, and using the backspace key or DEL:

/Users/tanjaehrhardt/Desktop/Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 15.28.39.png

Press ESC.

Type the following:


Press ENTER to exit.

Type the following:


Press ENTER.

Once the Smoothwall has registered with our servers, Hearst will show on the System > Maintenance > Updates & releases page as available for installation.

If you have any issues or this does not work for some reason, please contact your Support representative.

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