I've Created a Smoothwall Access Rule, and now I can't access the Administration UI

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How to regain access to the administration UI after creating a rule to block traffic to it.


You've created a Smoothwall access rule to control traffic to internal services, and have managed to lock yourself out of the administration UI. In order to regain access to the administration UI, you need to delete the Smoothwall access rule, but traffic to the Smoothwall web-based admin ports is blocked.


In order to regain access, you need to connect to the Smoothwall using an SSH session.

  1. Connect to your Smoothwall via a console using the SSH protocol on port 222 (typically, via an application such as Putty), for example,
  2. Log in as the root user.
  3. Type setup and press ENTER.
  4. Using the arrow keys, select Permit admin access.
  5. Select an interface to use to regain access to the administration UI; choose one where the IP address is already known to you.
  6. Confirm the new connection.
  7. Exit from the setup menu.
  8. For Smoothwalls running the Inverness Release or later, the Smoothwall adds a new section title Access rules added using the setup program containing a Smoothwall access rule permitting access.

    For Smoothwalls running the Hearst Release or earlier, a new rule is added to the System > Administration > External access page.

  9. You can now connect to the administration user interface using the IP address of the selected interface and port 81 (use port 443 if using HTTPS communication).

Tip: It is recommended you keep the new rule in place in case this happens again.


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