Updating to Hearst-1 has failed, why is this?

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#   Hearst-0


The update failed when updating to Hearst-1


I have tried to update to Hearst-1, but received the error message Installation of Hearst-1 failed. Your current release level is Hearst-0. Reboot your Smoothwall to retry this upgrade. In order to complete the upgrade process, your system will reboot itself 3 times automatically.


1. Open a SSH PuTTy session, with port 222, and write the following command;


2. When the process has finished (the system should say “ready to install on next reboot”), reboot the system by typing;


3. The system will then reboot and start installing Hearst, this can take some time so please be patient and ensure that the system is not powered off part way through.


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18 July 2017 Natasha Jones