The user portal is not rendering properly in Internet Explorer, why is this?

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Microsoft Internet Explorer can cause rendering issues with the User portal. This guide explains how to rectify this issue.


The User portal does not render correctly or does not work properly in Internet Explorer - why is this?


Internet Explorer is known to cause rendering issues when using compatibility mode. This feature is intended to help keep old sites working that relied on deprecated IE workarounds. The Smoothwall UI does not support IE in compatibility mode to allow us to support modern browser features. 

This setting can be found in IE11 under Settings Cog > Compatibility View settings. De-select the option Display intranet sites in Compatibility View

Disabling compatibility view for intranet sites will stop Internet Explorer disabling features used by more modern websites.

If you find you need compatibility view for other sites, we suggest that you add them manually to use compatibility view under the same settings screen in IE. 


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