Why can't I restore an archive from a Sandisk USB drive?

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Some Sandisk USB drives can't be used to restore a backup in the setup program.


Sandisk make their USB drives appears as fixed drives when plugged into a computer or similar device. As the setup program checks for removable drives (such as CD-ROMs USB sticks, and so on), Sandisk USB drives cannot be detected.

At the time of writing, if using a Sandisk USB to restore an archive from via the Setup program (see our latest product help), the Setup program will fail as it cannot detect a restore media. Smoothwall are aware of this issue and investigations are currently in place.


If a Windows computer is available to you, plug in the Sandisk USB drive. If it appears in Windows Explorer as "Removable Disk", it is safe to use with the Smoothwall appliance.

Linux users, use the equivalent to Windows Explorer, Ubuntu for example. If the Eject icon appears next to the device name, this USB drive is removable.

If the Setup program has failed, remove the USB drive and reboot the Smoothwall appliance.

Save the archive to another brand of USB drive and attempt to restore it from there.


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26th July 2016