The LCD display on my Smoothwall appliance is not working after a re-installation

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I have reinstalled my appliance with an SP10 ISO and now the LCD display doesn't work


Smoothwall-supplied ISOs cannot differentiate between older and newer appliances.


You can resolve this by manually determining the appliance type via the command line:

  1. Log into the command line of the Smoothwall. Typically, this is via an SSH session — see
  2. Type the following: vi /settings/main/productdata
  3. Press the INSERT key to edit the file.
  4. Find the line: CAP_CASWELL=Y
  5. Change this to read: CAP_CASWELL=N
  6. Press the ESCAPE key, then type: wq!
    This will write the changes and exit the file editor.
  7. Reboot your appliance.

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