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What is Visigo?

Visigo protects vulnerable users by analysing everything they type on their device, alerting you if there is behaviour you need to be concerned about. It analyses entered text, in any program or with any encryption.

Visigo’s unique artificial intelligence continuously builds a profile of users, allowing the system to accurately interpret between a one-off event or a consistent pattern of behavior. If there is any need for immediate concern about a user, the Smoothwall team will immediately contact you.

How does it work?

Visigo captures everything that a user types, which can even include items they subsequently delete. Because it works on keystrokes, Visigo looks at the language that’s used, it doesn’t matter what program the user is typing in, or how it’s encrypted.

The captured text is examined by the unique Visigo artificial intelligence system, which uses machine learning to determine if there might be a safeguarding issue. Visigo continuously builds a profile of users, allowing the system to accurately interpret between a one-off event or a consistent pattern of behavior.

User profiles are assessed for risk against a number of safeguarding topics. If there’s any danger at all, Visigo will take a screenshot, and forward this to an expert human moderation team for immediate analysis. They will contact the organisation in a way appropriate for the type of risk, their age, and type of organisation. For example, language that may be a little inappropriate for a 16 year old to use, may represent a safeguarding risk in a 9 year old user, and so the action taken will vary accordingly.

How do I install Visigo?

To monitor with Visigo, the first step is to install client software on the device of the user that you want to protect.

The client software can be downloaded directly from Smoothwall, and can be installed via group policy for simplicity across a school or organisation. The user can’t see that the client software is present, even if the Visigo client is distributed by group policy while they are using the machine. The client will just work the next time the machine is booted.

Visigo updates are silent to the user; every time the device boots up it will check for, and install updates if available.

What devices can Visigo protect on?

Visigo is designed for use on Windows and Mac OS devices, including desktop computers, laptops, macbooks and tablets.

A client for the Chrome operating system will follow in a future release, with plans for iOS (for iPad) after completion. It is not currently available for Android.

Does Visigo work with all keyboards?

Visigo is designed to work with all hardware keyboards, as well as bluetooth and virtual keyboards. On Windows, ensure that you select the appropriate version for 32 or 64 bit. It does not presently support Cortana or Siri inputs.

Do I have to already have a Smoothwall UTM or SWG?

Existing customers of Smoothwall will find Visigo a fantastic compliment to their existing UTM or SWG product, but it is not necessary to be an existing Smoothwall customer to take advantage of Visigo as the Visigo service is available as a stand-alone product.

How is Visigo text capture triggered

Visigo looks for specific actions in user activity that trigger it to send the user text. It will do so when there is a 30 second keyboard inactivity period, or when they click enter, tab, left mouse click, or tap the screen. If the device is offline, text capture will be sent as soon as it reconnects.

How do I know Visigo is working?

As the Visigo software is not visible on the machine to the user, and you hope not to receive an alert from us, we provide a Visigo Portal, that displays the status of the client on every machine it is installed on. This allows a System Administrator to identify and rectify if the client is not operating on an individual machine as expected.


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