How do I install a Smoothwall UTM / SWG from an USB?

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To carry out installation of Smoothwall UTM or Smoothwall SWG software appliance or reinstall on a hardware appliance you can now use a USB flash drive installer instead of the traditional CD-ROM ISO method.

To do this you will need;

    Smoothwall installation .img file

    USB Flash Drive 1GB or larger

    Workstation and flash imaging software to setup your USB flash drive


For USB pen drive installation, you will need a .img file rather than the .iso. Currently this isn’t available to download directly from our website.

Contact your account manager and ask they email you the .img file link to the correct version of Smoothwall UTM / SWG you need.

Download a flash image writing software if you don’t already have one. Software is available for most OS, my favourite is

Plugin your USB flash drive and write the Smoothwall image using your preferred software.

Once complete, configure the hardware you’re installing Smoothwall on to boot from USB. Usually this is set in the system BIOS or via a one-time boot menu.

Note: Smoothwall hardware appliances are set to boot from USB first by default, in most cases you shouldn’t need to change any settings.

Plugin your USB flash drive, power on and if successful you should see the Smoothwall Installer boot menu. You can now continue installation as normal.


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25 October 2017 Chris Humby