How do I increase the Smoothwall disk partition size?

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An instruction on how to increase the disk partition size when increasing the size of a virtual drive.


The /var/log volume on my Smoothwall has become quite full, at around 98%. I have run the cleanup process and it has now dropped back down to 95% full. The system is managing the log rotation, however, the utilisation is generally increasing.

The appliance is running on a VMware guest so I have given Smoothwall more disk space by increasing the size of the VMDK in vCenter. The partitions on the disk use GPT, how do I extend the GPT partition/filesystem?


When you increase the size of the virtual machine’s hard drive, the installer has already partitioned the hard drive as per the previous hard drive size and the partitions don't automatically expand.

First back up your current system’s settings and logs from the system > maintenance > archives page. You may also back up the /var/log/woodshed///data directories via WinSCP.
Download these to somewhere safe away from the system.

Reinstall the Smoothwall with the larger hard drive size, and the partitions will increase. You can then restore your settings and logs as needed.

It is possible to make use of the application GParted or other similar option. This will allow you to increase the partition size, but there is an associated risk as if this process fails in any way, the operating system is liable to fail as well. For this reason we do not recommend this method.


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