Why are flash elements not loading or playing correctly in Internet Explorer?

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Resolving slow or non-loading Adobe® Flash® elements in websites viewed in Internet Explorer®.


Flash content does not always play correctly or takes a long time to load in Internet Explorer.

The Flash element starts to load but never finishes and times out or only plays after a long time (2 minutes or more.)

An issue has been identified where Flash objects within a web page can take a long time to load (typically 2 minutes). This occurs only when the Flash object is embedded in the HTML code with no content type specified.

Internet Explorer makes a HTTP head request for the embedded object but fails to close the connection once the headers are returned, and instead the object will not load until the connection times out.

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9 or earlier are impacted.


Upgrading to a version of Internet Explorer later than version 9 resolves this issue.


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29 July 2016   DMT