Fix failure to send through a Smoothwall

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Note: This guide should only be used if tests being submitted through are failing to submit when going through a Smoothwall.


This article explains how to setup your Smoothwall so that you are able to submit tests automatically for without any failures.


The authentication on the Smoothwall sometimes prevents tests from being submitted when they are complete, and the user will have to copy the results to clipboard. This is due to Authentication timing out on the client side. The image below shows the error:


The following will outline the procedure of how to add an Authentication Exception to your Smoothwall, this will allow to submit tests without failure.

  1. Navigate to Guardian > Policy Objects > Categories. Create a category called “Custom Authentication Exceptions”. Add “” to Domain/URL Filtering for that category.
  2. Navigate to Guardian > Policy Objects > Category groups. Make sure under Authentication Exceptions your “Custom Authentication Exceptions” category is within that category group.
  3. Navigate to Web Proxy > Authentication > Exceptions. Make sure “Authentication exceptions” is within the Included categories or category groups.


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23 January 2018 Patrick Gleeson