Blocking Live Video Streams Through Smoothwall

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Note: The following guide is for desktop versions of the services being blocked. It is not guaranteed to work on mobile versions of the services.


This article explains how to block live streams on popular services like Youtube Live, Facebook Live and Twitch Live Streams.

This category is only for Live portions of the sites only. If you would like to block the whole site, you can most likely block audio a video. However, if you would like to allow audio and video but block live streams then follow this guide.

Note: This only works with a valid HTTPS Decrypt and Inspect policy in place.


Unknown content that can’t be moderated as it’s being streamed and I want to block Live streams from being accessible for viewing.


Create a web filter policy using the Live Streaming category with a block policy.

To add this category to a policy:

  • Go to Guardian > Policy Wizard and create a policy with the below configuration:
    • Who: Everyone*
    • What: Live Streaming [NEW]
    • Where: Everywhere*
    • When: Always*
    • Action: Block*

*Change to your requirements.


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25th June 2018 Patrick Gleeson