Can I install Smoothwall on an AMD Opteron system or HP Microserver?

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Some AMD Opteron or HP Microserver systems cannot support a Smoothwall installation.


Since converting the Smoothwall's underlying infrastructure to 64-bit (MAIN 67), certain AMD Opteron processors are no longer supported.


The Smoothwall installer and upgrade process specifically looks for the SSSE3 instruction set implemented on the CPU. If this is missing, the installation cannot continue.

The table below details known AMD Opteron processors and whether they will support 64-bit Smoothwall installations. It is worth noting that Turio/Neo are also unsupported.

Similarly, Gen7 HP Microservers do not support the SSSE3 technology although Gen8 HP Microservers running either an Intel® Celeron® G1610T (2.3Hz / 2-core / 2MB / 35W) Processor or an Intel® Pentium® G2020T (2.5GHz / 2-core / 3MB / 35W) processor will support the SSSE3 technology.

Note: When installing a Smoothwall system as a virtual machine, make sure that the host VM settings have not been set for 'CPU compatibility' or similar. On some VM hosts, there is a setting to 'CPU default' or CPU Compatibility mode' which will downgrade the CPU capabilities of the host CPU in order to allow for easier migration of VM machines between hosts. This setting will remove the SSSE3 extension capability of the host CPU, which is required for the Smoothwall.

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