Why is my virus scanner at full capacity?

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1792 Guardian, Anti-Spam Up to Framlingham


Browsing is being disrupted as a result of a warning "Virus Scanning at full capacity".

Being more specific about the type of content you would like to scan rather than scanning all web content can resolve this issue.

Note: This article only applies to those Smoothwalls running an Edinburgh release or earlier as the anti-malware engine used by the Smoothwall has been updated in Framlingham.


Users are unable to browse because "Virus Scanning at full capacity".


If Virus scanning is at full capacity it is because the anti-malware engine is configured to scan a huge amount of content, and on a busy box this exceeds the available resources.

Virus scanning is not necessary on all web content, only on certain file types.

  1. Go to Guardian > Anti-malware > Manage policies.
  2. Edit the default virus scanning rule:
  • Remove the Everything parameter
  • Choose only certain file types (such as Archive file types, Audio and Video files types).

It is not necessary to Virus scan standard web content, only downloadable files.

For more information about creating and editing anti-malware policies in the Smoothwall, go to https://help.smoothwall.net/Latest/Content/modules/guardian3/cgi-bin/guardian/av.htm.


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23 August 2016   DMT