Should I use Ident with Guardian?

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A brief outline on using an Ident client as your authentication method.


If you are unsure which proxy authentication method to use, and are considering Ident, these are the key points:


Using Ident for user identification has some benefits over the SSL or proxy login methods: primarily that the user does not need to enter username and password credentials to access the Guardian proxy. Instead, an Ident server running on the client system will automatically provide the username of the logged on user to the Guardian proxy.

Ident services should be available for all major platforms. We do not currently offer a Smoothwall-recommended Ident client, so this will be your personal choice.

In order to use Ident for identification, an Ident server application must be installed on all client systems. Once installed, the Ident service must be manually started or the client system rebooted. Guardian can then be configured to use Ident identification — see

Remember that using Ident is an identification scheme, not a authentication scheme so no passwords are verified or transmitted.


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