What are the default web filter policies?

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The Initial web filter policy you choose at installation (refer to our product help) determines the default policies installed in Guardian.

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Tip: Web filtering policies are applied in order of priority, from top to bottom, until a content match is made. No further matching is carried out.

Tip: The Custom allowed content and Custom blocked content categories do not contain any domains or URLs upon initial installation. These are left blank for you to use to suit your organizational needs. You can also edit and change the default policies to suit. There is no restriction.

Education Web Filter Policy

This is the most restrictive web filter policy group available, suitable to use as a basis for British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (BECTA) compliance.

Workplace / Productivity Web Filter Policy

This web filter policy group aims to help productivity in the work place by blocking social media and networking sites outside of lunchtime hours. Adult, drug, and gambling websites and content are also blocked.

Workplace Web Filter Policy

This web filter policy group is the same as Workplace / Productivity, but without blocking social media and networking sites.

CIPA Web Filter Policy

This web filter policy group complies with the USA's Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA). It provides minimal protection for schools, namely against Pornography.

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Check out our videos to see how web filter policies are used in your SmoothwallHow do I use the Smoothwall Web Filter? — The Videos.

For a detailed description of the available categories for use in your policies, see What are the categories in the Smoothwall web filter?.

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