How do I block a domain, but allow one of its sub-domains?

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Blocking a domain but allowing a sub URL.


I want to block a domain, but allow access to a sub-domain.

For example, block but allow


You use Guardian's policy ordering feature to do this. Policies that are higher up in the policy table, supersede those lower in the table.

  1. Create a block policy for the full domain as part of a global or default block rule. Taking the example above, block
  2. Create an allow policy for the required sub-domain. Taking the example above, allow
    Note that you may need to create a custom category specifically for this sub-domain first. This is especially true if you are using a URL with parameters, such as
  3. From the Web filter policies table, move the allow policy from step 2 to be above the block policy from step 1.
    Policies that are higher up the table supersede policies lower down


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