How do I block Dropbox-sharing, -downloads, and -uploads?

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This article explains how to set up Dropbox categories to restrict what the user is allowed to do. It gives a step by step guide in how to block downloading, uploading and opening shared documents.

Note: Implementing this solution will only work on the web client, it will not work with Dropbox apps.


You may want to restrict the usage of Dropbox to block users from downloading, uploading or opening shared documents.


The following will outline the procedure of how to set up custom categories to Allow/Block uploading or downloading in Dropbox.

  1. Decrypt and Inspect needs to be turned on
  2. To create a new category, go to Guardian > Policy Objects > Categories.
  3. Under Manage categories enter the name of the new category, for example, Dropbox - Uploads
  4. Under Domain/URL filtering, add the following URLs based on whether you want to block uploads, downloads or shared documents:
    • Blocking Uploads

    • Blocking Downloads

    • Shared Documents

  5. Click Save.
  6. Now the category is created you can add the policy. Go to Guardian > Web Filter > Manage Policies > Create new Policy.
  7. Create a policy with the following attributes:
    • Who — Everyone*
    • What — Dropbox - Download (Replace with whatever category you need to block)
    • Where — Everywhere*
    • When — Always*
    • Action — Block

    Make sure the Enable Policyoption is selected and click Confirm.

    The above policy is a sample policy used to block the user from Downloading files from Dropbox.

    *You should change these based on your own needs.

Note: When decrypt and inspect is turned on it will not let the user connect to the installed Dropbox client, they will only be able to use Dropbox through their browser.


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22 September 2016 Jonathan McKeague