How do I block's download, sharing, and upload services?

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This article explains how to setup categories to restrict what the user is allowed to do — namely downloading, uploading and opening shared documents.

Note: Implementing this solution will only work on the web client, it will not work with applications.


The following will outline the procedure of how to set up custom categories to block uploading, downloading, or accessing shared files in

  1. Create a new custom category in Guardian > Policy objects > Categories, named for the service you are blocking, for example, Uploads.
  2. Add the following to Domain/URL filtering to block the service:
    • To block downloads:

    • To block shared documents:

    • To block uploads:

    Tip: If required, you can add all three URLs above to a single custom category to block all services

  3. Add the newly created custom category to the Decrypt and inspect policy in Guardian > HTTPS inspection > Manage policies.
    • If one does not exist, create a new HTTPS inspection policy with the custom category selected as the What, and Decrypt and inspect as the Action.
  4. Create a new web filter policy (Guardian > Web filter > Policy wizard) with the following attributes:
    • Who — Everyone*
    • What — Choose the custom category created in step 1
    • Where — Everywhere*
    • When — Always*
    • Action — Block
    • Make Sure Enable Policy is selected

    *You should change these based on your organizational needs.


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31 January 2017 Patrick Gleeson SN