How to get Prowise Presenter to work correctly through the Web Filter

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This article explains how to get the App Prowise Presenter to work correctly through Smoothwall.


With Decrypt and Inspect enabled there are some applications that do not work correctly or have undesired results. This unfortunately happens with Prowise.


The following document will outline the procedure of how to set up a custom category to Allow Prowise to work without turning off Decrypt and Inspect.

  1. To create a new category, go to Guardian -> Policy Objects -> Categories. Under manage categories enter the name of the new category e.g. Prowise
  2. Under the Domain/URL filtering add the following:
  3. Click Save.
  4. Now the category is created you can add the policy. Go to Guardian > HTTPS Inspection > Manage Policies > Create new Policy.
  5. Create a policy with the following attributes:
    • Who > Everyone*
    • What > Prowise
    • Where > Everywhere*
    • When > Always*
    • Action > Do not Inspect
    • *Change these based on your own needs.

  6. Make sure the Enable Policy option is selected and click Confirm.


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19th April 2018 Jonathan McKeague