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This article explains how to set up a policy with the Enforce Google Image Licensing content modification.


Even with ‘Force SafeSearch’ selected, Not Safe For Work (NSFW) images continue to appear now and again. This is unsuitable for an Educational or Workplace environment.


There's a Google option that you can select, which restricts users to only view images that are "Free to be used, shared or modified". This significantly reduces the amount of images returned regardless of the search.

  1. Go to Guardian > Content Modification > Policy Wizard.
  2. Create your new policy:
    • Who: Everyone*
    • What: Web Search
    • Where: Everywhere*
    • Action: Select the Apply option, and then search for and add the "Apply Enforce Google Image Licensing" content modification.

    * Change as appropriate

Note: It takes a few minutes for your changes to take effect. You might need to restart your browser.

When the policy is active, you should see the Labeled for reuse with modification setting activated, as shown in this image:

If a user tries to deactivate the setting, your new policy overrides it.

Note: You need a HTTPS Decrypt and Inspect policy for your new policy to work. For more information on how to set this up please see - Creating an HTTPS Inspection Policy.

For more information on this setting please read the Google help topic: Find free-to-use images.


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22nd May 2018 Jonathan McKeague