What are the Suggested Email Anti-spam RBL or block list options?

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This article outlines some possible options for Remote Blackhole Lists (RBL) or block lists you may choose to use in your Smoothwall.


Does Smoothwallhave a recommended selection for RBL or block list options?


The Smoothwall SMTP relay supports use of Anti-Spam DNS Block Lists (Remote Blackhole Lists) to help deny known sources of SPAM from relaying any emails though to your mail server.

RBL servers are configured in the Smoothwall administration user interface's Email > Anti-spam > Anti-spam page, under the SMTP RBL checks section, in comma separated format.

Although Smoothwall do not personally recommend a specific option, some popular public RBL servers you can use are:

  • bl.spamcop.net (SpamCop)
  • zen.spamhaus.org (Spamhaus®)
  • dnsbl.njabl.org (NJABL)
  • dnsbl.sorbs.net (SORBS)
  • cbl.abuseseat.org (Abuseseat)

Please check the provider’s website for full terms and conditions of each list and for alternative lists.


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