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This article will discuss which categories to Decrypt and Inspect in order to achieve the best results for the Safeguarding reports. Normally we recommend Decrypt and Inspect on most if not all categories, however this will discuss which categories to Decrypt and Inspect as a minimum.


Some users are hesitant to deploy a HTTPS decrypt and inspect policy. To get the best results from the Safeguarding reports a Decrypt and Inspect policy will need to be set up.


Without Decrypt and Inspect the Smoothwall will only be able to analyse the Domain/URL, therefore it would not be able to analyse the content on the page. Below is a table of categories you need to Decrypt and Inspect in order to get accurate and useful Safeguarding reports.

Web Search


File Hosting

Sexuality Sites

Social Networking Sites

Adult Sites



To set up an HTTPS Decrypt and Inspect policy with these categories included follow the steps below:

1. Go to Guardian > HTTPS inspection > Manage policies > Create a new policy
2. Create a policy with the following attributes:
Who — Everyone*
What — Add the above categories here
Where — Everywhere*
When — Always*
Action — Decrypt and Inspect

Make sure the Enable Policy option is selected, click Confirm and then Save.

*You should change these based on your own needs


Although we do recommend you Decrypt and Inspect almost all categories, doing Decrypt and Inspect on these categories as a minimum is required to get the best results from your safeguarding reports.

Note: When you enable an HTTP inspection policy which decrypts and inspects content for the first time, Guardian informs you that users’ browsers must have the Guardian CA certificate in order for the policy to work.

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