I've made a change to my AD groups. How do I synchronize this to the IDex Directory?

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KB-98 ID Indexing System (IDex) Kenilworth onwards


You've made a change to your Active Directory configuration, and need to ensure the changes are reflected on the Smoothwall. However, there isn't a Sync button on the Smoothwall administration user interface.


The IDex Directory connection you configure in the Services > Authentication > Directories page is a passive connection. It only receives data, therefore cannot send requests for information from Active Directory. Instead, you must instruct the IDex Agent to "scrape" the Active Directory configuration, and resend all group information to the Smoothwall.


  1. Log into the domain controller that has the IDex Agent installed.
  2. Open Windows Explorer, and go to C:\Program Files\Smoothwall\IDexAgent.
  3. Right-click on SendAdDataNow.exe and choose Run as administrator.

The new group information should now be available for group mapping in the Services > Authentication > Directories page, for the IDex Directory connection. For a detailed description of how to map domain groups to Smoothwall local user groups, go to our help article, About Directory Services > Configuring an IDex Directory Connection > Mapping Domain Groups to Local Groups.

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