How do I roll out proxy settings to all my Chromebooks?

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You must add the proxy details for the Smoothwallappliance that will filter the Chromebook web traffic.


I don't want to have to configure the Smoothwallproxy connection details on each individual Chromebook on my network.


Note: Disclaimer: The following instructions are correct at the time of writing. Google feature names and links may change over time.


  1. Log into the Google Admin console,
  2. Click Device management.
  3. From the DEVICE SETTINGS menu on the left, click Chrome Management.
  4. Click User Settings.
  5. From the Network section, configure the following:
    • Proxy Mode — From the drop-down menu, select Always use the proxy specified below.
    • Proxy Server URL — Enter the URL of the Smoothwall appliance’s hostname and port number — the port number used here must be the same as the port number specified for the non-transparent Core authentication policy created in How do I allow Google services through my Smoothwall?
    • For example:

    • Proxy Bypass List — Enter the hostname of the proxy, for example,
    • Note: The proxy server must be specified in its URL format, and not by the IP address.

  6. Click SAVE.

The above instructions are recommended for when your Chromebooks are used by on- and offsite. The following article provides instructions for enforcing proxy settings when Chromebooks are connected to the internal network only — > Add a Wi-Fi or Ethernet network configuration.

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