How do I distribute the HTTPS certificate to all my Chromebooks?

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All Chromebooks must have the HTTPS certificate from the Smoothwall appliance installed to prove they are trusted when connecting to the Smoothwall.


Rather than installing the certificate on each individual Chromebook on the network, you can use the Google Admin Console to push the certificate out to all devices.

Tip: If you have recently changed the hostname of the Smoothwall and are having issues with Connect for Chromebooks, check to make sure the hostname in the certificate matches with the hostname of the Smoothwall.


Note: Disclaimer: The following instructions are correct at the time of writing. Google feature names and links may change over time.

  1. Verify that the HTTPS certificate contains the correct hostname.
  2. Download the HTTPS certificate.
  3. You also need the Smoothwall HTTPS interception certificate. Still in the Smoothwall administration user interface, go to Guardian > HTTPS inspection > Settings.
  4. From the Manage HTTPS interception certificates section, click Export.
  5. Save both certificates to a safe location.
  6. Navigate to the Google Admin console —
  7. Click Device management.
  8. From the DEVICE SETTINGS menu, click Network.
  9. Click Certificates.
  11. Select the HTTPS certificates downloaded in step 2 and 4.
  12. Select Use this certificate as an HTTPS certificate authority for the certificate you have uploaded.
  13. Click Save.

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