How do I deploy the Connect for Chromebooks Extension to all devices?

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The Connect for Chromebook extension must be deployed to all Chromebooks on your network to ensure organizational web filtering policies are enforced wherever the device is located.


Rather than installing the extension on each individual Chromebook on the network, you can use the Google Admin Console to push the extension out to all devices.


Note: Disclaimer: The following instructions are correct at the time of writing. Google feature names and links may change over time.

  1. Log into the Google Admin console —
  2. Click Device management.
  3. From the DEVICE SETTINGS menu list, click Chrome management.
  4. Click User settings.
  5. Scroll down to the Apps and Extensions section.
  6. From the Force-installed Apps and Extensions parameter, click Manage force-installed apps.
  7. Click Specify a Custom App.
  8. Enter the following ID: ldmijmkolialklggnnlgaodhaemipjmn
  9. Enter the following URL:
  10. Click Add.
  11. The Smoothwall Connect for Chromebooks extension should now be listed in the right hand panel.

  12. Click Save.
  13. You are returned to the User Settings page.

  14. You can avoid having students install third party extensions and apps which enable them to get around the web filtering you have put in place.
    1. Scroll down to the Apps and Extensions section.
    2. From the Allow or Block All Apps and Extensions drop-down list, choose Block all apps and extensions except the ones I allow.
    3. Those apps that you allow that are not force-installed apps should be listed under Allowed Apps and Extensions.

      Click Manage and use the options on the left to search and add relevant apps and extensions.

      Click Save.

    4. Click Save.
  15. Click SAVE.

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