Smoothwall Connect Filter for Windows v3.0 FAQ

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  Connect Filter Glamis-1 onward


This article aims to cover frequently asked questions relating to the Smoothwall Connect Filter for Windows (Connect Filter).


Windows 10 is blocking the installation file from executing, telling me that the file may put my PC at risk. What should I do?

Microsoft SmartScreen may warn about the installation file as the certificate used to sign the application has not yet developed a reputation in Microsoft’s database. You can continue the installation by clicking More information, then clicking Run anyway.

I have set up the Connect Filter ports, but I am not filtered through the Smoothwall, what should I do?

You may need to restart your browser or your PC for the Global Proxy settings to take effect. If the issue persists, check the error logs and your network configuration to ensure that the device can communicate to the filtering system.

Additionally, log into the Smoothwall administration user interface, and check the status of the Connect Filter Proxy service on the Dashboard (available from the Kenilworth release onward). If it is red, the service is down, preventing client devices from connecting. Reboot the Smoothwall to restart the Connect Filter Proxy.

What directory servers does the Connect Filter work with?

At the time of writing, the only supported connection is Active Directory.

Are all browsers supported?

Firefox is not supported with the Connect Filter, it can be used to circumvent filtering.

We recommend that the installation of Firefox is prevented, for example with group policies.

What do I need to configure to use the Connect Filter seamlessly inside and outside my network?

There are two possible configurations to achieve this:

  1. Set up the Smoothwall's DNS record so that internally it only resolves to the internal address, and externally it can resolve to the public address.
  2. Ensure that the public IP address can be reached from your internal network and use that address as the configured Smoothwall host.

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