How do I use Restricted YouTube with Smoothwall?

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In June of 2016, Google officially ended support for YouTube Edu, a feature which allowed controlled access to videos on A lot of schools had specific filtering setup for this

YouTube Edu has now been replaced by ‘Restricted YouTube’ which provides a similar locked down YouTube experience but with less emphasis on educational content. The content which is visible in Restricted YouTube is decided upon by Google and relies on members of the YouTube community flagging inappropriate content.


Once Restricted YouTube has been implemented it will have the following effect on your YouTube experience:

Unsuitable videos cannot be viewed. Attempting to do so will result in a message informing the user that the video is unavailable.
Unsuitable videos will be hidden in:
Related videos
Search results
Recommended videos
Comments for all videos will be hidden

Restricted YouTube can be implemented in several ways, detailed on the Google support website. In addition, Smoothwall has developed our own content modification which we recommend as the easiest method to implement and manage Restricted YouTube.


Content Modification

A new content modification is available — YouTube Restricted Mode — which is the recommended method of enforcing Restricted YouTube. This works by rewriting the HTTPS connect header for a number of YouTube domains to Implementing this content modification does not require a HTTPS decrypt and inspect policy to be in place.

1. From the Smoothwall administration user interface, create a new content modification policy under Guardian > Content Modifications > Policy Wizard:
Who: Everyone
What: YouTube
Where: Everywhere
Action: Apply - “YouTube Restricted Mode”

Using this method will force all users on your network to use Restricted YouTube, regardless of whether they are logged in. The only exception is domain administrators who should continue to have an unrestricted YouTube experience.

Google-side Configuration

Restricted YouTube can be enforced for all users on your domain by changing the appropriate settings on the Google admin console. This only applies to users logged into your domain, Restricted YouTube will not be applied to signed out users.

The highlighted checkbox below must be enabled for the system to work. Other permissions granted via the Google admin console take precedent (for example, domain administrators).

YouTube with G Suite for Education (formally Google Apps for Education) matrix

  G Suite for Education “YouTube Restricted Mode” content modification Both
Signed out Unrestricted Restricted Restricted
Signed in (domain) Restricted * Restricted Restricted *
Signed in (non-domain) Unrestricted Restricted Restricted
Signed in (Admin) Unrestricted Unrestricted Unrestricted

* Restrictions depend on permissions set on domain account


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