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Troubleshooting guide for Gmail or Google loading fault.


Some users are experiencing Gmail loading issues and getting an error "Some Google services had trouble loading...". It goes away and they can continue using their email.

I restarted the proxy and cleared the cache, are there any other steps I can take to troubleshoot this issue?

This issue usually happens for content hosted on, which is the default domain for any attachments or screenshots within Gmail.

This domain is also used for Google Translate, and so if it were used in an Allow or Whitelist policy it would enable users to bypass filtering.

The solution is to create two separate policies.


  1. Go to Guardian > Web filter > Policy wizard.
  2. Create two policies:
  • Block:
  • Allow:

This will block Google Translate from bypassing the web filter, but allow any screenshots or attachments in Gmail.

For a detailed description about creating policies, go to

If this does not resolve the problem, this error might be related to local settings. Try clearing the browser cache on the affected clients — refer to these Google articles:


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