How do I allow Spotify®?

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In order to allow Spotify, you need to exclude it from Authentication and open some additional ports.



Spotify will not connect for network users as it doesn't support NTLM authentication.



Although the Spotify domain is part of the Audio and Video standard category, you need to create a separate custom category containing just Spotify "stuff" for this to work.

1. Create a new category in Guardian » Policy objects » Categories called Spotify.
2. Add the following to Domain/URL filtering:

3. Go to Web proxy > Authentication > Exceptions.
4. Locate and add the newly created Spotify group to Included categories or category groups.
5. Go to Guardian > Web filter > Policy wizard.
6. Create a new policy with the following:
Who — Add the users or groups you wish it to apply to, or select Everyone
What — Spotify (which you have just created)
Where — Add the locations you wish it to apply to, or Everywhere
When — Add the times you wish it to apply at, or Always
Action — Whitelist
7. Go to Guardian > Web filter > Manage policies.
8. Move the policy to the top of the Web filter policy table.
9. Add ports 4070 and 1935 to an allow rule on your firewall, along with common port groups.



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