How do I allow access to a specific Twitter feed?

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It is possible to setup your web filter policies so that Twitter is blocked whilst specific Twitter feeds can still be accessed. This will require a HTTPS Decrypt and Inspect policy to be configured otherwise this guide will not work as expected.


You would like to block access to the Twitter social network whilst allowing access to a single feed (or selected feeds).


  1. Set up a Decrypt and inspect policy which covers the domain.
  2. Create a custom category, named 'Allowed Twitter feeds', by navigating to Guardian > Policy Objects > Categories and entering the following under 'Domain/URL filtering':
    • (Change this as appropriate)
  3. Set up a new web filter policy by navigating to Guardian > Web Filter > Policy Wizard and entering the following values:
    • Who: Everyone*
    • What: Allowed Twitter feeds
    • Where: Everywhere*
    • When: Always*
    • Action: Whitelist
    • * Change as appropriate

  4. Move your newly created policy towards the top of the policy table so that it is placed above any blocks for 'Social Networking Sites' and 'Image Hosting: Unmoderated'.


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18th March 2018 Christopher Smith