How do I allow access to a specific Twitter feed?

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It is possible to create a filtering rule set that generally blocks Twitter but allows access to specific Twitter feeds. However, this will require careful positioning of this new rule above any rules blocking Social Media in your Filtering Policy table. You will also need to ensure that an HTTPS Decrypt and Inspect policy is configured and working otherwise HTTPS traffic to Twitter cannot be blocked.


You would like to block Twitter but allow only a single feed or selected feeds.

Twitter hosts content from a variety of domains so it can be difficult to differentiate between "wanted" and "unwanted" content.


The following procedure assumes your filtering policies block all social networking sites.

Because of difficulties with the desktop version we recommend users are directed to the mobile page of the Twitter feed, that is,, where SELECTEDTWITTERFEED is the URL for that feed. For example, is our mobile Twitter feed.

1. Create a Decrypt and inspect policy for
2. Create a custom category, for example, AllowTwitter, with the following Domain/URL filtering:
3. Move this policy to be above the block rule for the Social networking category in the Web filter policies table.

Note: This will not allow you to manage the Twitter account, only to view the current feed.This rule may have to be edited to add additional domains if the page content does not display correctly. These can be found by filtering your Web Filter logs by the IP of your test machine.


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