Why do Online Banking Apps Not Work Through the Web Filter?

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This article documents the procedure of allowing online banking apps through the Smoothwall web filter.


As online banking apps use HTTPS, you may find they do not work when Decrypt and Inspect is enabled.


A "Do not inspect" policy needs to be set up for Online Banking:

  1. Go to Guardian > HTTPS inspection > Policy wizard.
  2. Create a new policy with the following attributes:
    • Who — Everyone*
    • What — Online Banking
    • Where — Everywhere*
    • When — Always*
    • Action — Do not inspect
    • Make sure Enable Policy is selected

    *You should change these based on your own needs.

  3. Click Confirm.
  4. Verify that filtering by the certificate name is enabled for the interface that online banking traffic will use:
    1. Go to Web Proxy > Authentication > Manage Policies.
    2. From the Transparent authentication policies table, locate the relevant policy containing the interface used by online banking traffic and the authentication method used by online banking users.
    3. Click Edit.
    4. Ensure Behavior is set to Filter using name from certificate.
  5. Restart the web proxy.


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27 January 2017 Jonathan McKeague SN