I am unable to connect to Google Hangouts via the Smoothwall, why is this?

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Google Hangouts™ needs to be added to authentication exceptions in order to operate via the Smoothwall.


I am unable to connect Google Hangout calls. I see the message "Couldn't start the video call because of a network error. Please check your firewall settings and try again".


  1. Go to Guardian > Policy objects > Categories.
  2. In the Manage categories section, add a logical Name for this new category, such Google Hangouts.
  3. Add the following URLs to the Domain / URL filtering box:
    • talk.google.com
    • mtalk.google.com
  4. Click Save.
  5. Go to Web proxy > Authentication > Exceptions.
  6. Add your newly created category and click Save
  7. You will also need to add port 5228 to your Web proxy settings.
    1. Go to Web Proxy > Web Proxy > Settings.
    2. Click Advanced.
    3. Add port 5228 to Allow access to web servers on these additional ports.
    4. Click Save and restart to complete the port changes.


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01 February 2017 Suzanne Knight James Silverthorne