Allow Hudl™ Android & iOS app through a Smoothwall

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Note: This KB article has been tested on iPad & Android Tablets.


This article show you how to allow the Hudl Video Sports app to work through a Smoothwall.


The app would not work through a Smoothwall without “Allowing/whitelisting” certain domain/URLs.


A category has been released for the Hudl app which will include the necessary Domains/URLs for the application to work through a Smoothwall.

To add this category to a Do Not Inspect policy go to Guardian > HTTPS Inspection > Manage Policies and create a policy with the below configuration:

  • Who: Everyone*
  • What: Hudl App [NEW]
  • Where: Everywhere*
  • When: Always*
  • Action: Do Not inspect*

* Change Who, Where, When, and Action as appropriate.

Click Save.

Note: Make sure your Do Not Inspect policy is above your policy to Decrypt & Inspect everything, if you have one set up.


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3rd April 2018 Patrick Gleeson