Using School Asset Manager for iOS

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You are using the School Asset Manager application on iOS and media uploads fail.


This application does not support the use of a proxy and will need to be excluded from filtering.


Whitelisting Domains

Create a whitelist rule for the following domains:


Authentication Exceptions

If you are using this application on a non-iOS device and are using NTLM authentication, you may also need to add these domains into Authentication Exceptions:

  • Browse to Guardian > Policy Objects > Categories.
  • Add the domains:


    to the Authentication exceptions category. You may need to create this category first if one does not exist.

  • Browse to Web proxy > Authentication > Exceptions.
  • Add the following categories to Included categories or category groups:

    • SSL/CRL
    • Software Updates
    • Authentication Exceptions — Note: This category should already be included.

Web Filter Policies

  • Browse to Guardian > Web Filter > Policy Wizard.
  • Create a policy with the following conditions:

    • Who — Everyone
    • What — Authentication Exceptions, SSL/CRL, Software Updates
    • Where — Everywhere
    • When — Always
    • Action — Whitelist
    • Action — Enabled
  • Browse to Guardian > Web Filter > Policies.
  • Move the policy you created up the table until it is above any block or blanket block in place for the group Unauthenticated IPs.


Use a test client to connect to the School Asset Manager.

Check the web filter logs, and add any domains that appear for the test client's IP address to the authentication exception created above.


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